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Sandra Woest has been involved in the investment migration industry since 2013 and became a member of the investment Migration Council upon their launch in 2016. She is an expert on all of the world’s most respected investment migration programs, and the US EB5 Visa Program, in particular.

In addition, she advises clients on the various residency and citizenship programs offered in the United States, the Caribbean Islands, Mauritius, the UK, Ireland, Malta, Cyprus, Greece, Portugal and Spain.

Fluent in English and Afrikaans, with a great understanding of Dutch and Flemish, she has contributed and published many articles on investment migration and the offshore real estate market. 

She is frequently invited to speak at many conferences by family offices, wealth management companies and banks on the investment migration industry.

As an African expert on investment migration, she has been interviewed by numerous television stations, radio stations and media outlets, including CNBC, SABC News, Morning Life, MoneyWeb and News24 in South Africa

Sandra and her team have been assisting high net worth individuals and families in diversifying their nationality and residency options for the past decade, and she is a highly respected professional in the industry.

She has a solid knowledge and vast experience of all the core investment migration programs around the world.  Working closely with government offices, real estate experts and the most respected investment projects, her clients’ peace of mind is a paramount priority. 

In addition, on the EB5 Visa Program, she is an expert on helping clients select Regional Center projects with the  best exit strategies.

Key achievements

  • Sandra played a key role in introducing the concept of Citizenship By Investment and Residence By Investment to Southern Africa. She has trained scores of private bankers, wealth managers and family office officials on Residence and Citizenship By Investment Programs around the world.
  • In addition, she has also assisted numerous mid-sized investment migration firms with the implementation of robust processing systems and ongoing training initiatives.
  • Sandra has successfully assisted dozens of families from across Sub-Saharan Africa and further afield in applying for second residency (Golden Visas) and Citizenship By Investment.