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The US EB5 Visa Program (2023/2024): Everything You Need To Know

The EB5 Visa Program is the fastest, simplest and most reliable way to obtain permanent residency by investment in the USA.

The American EB5 Visa program  for immigrant investors is the world’s flagship Residency By Investment program. Founded by the US Congress in 1990, the program serves to stimulate the US economy through job creation and foreign capital investment.

Offering a fast path to US permanent residency status and a green card, the program also provides a clear, predictable path to obtaining US citizenship.

The EB5 Visa program enforces a maximum application quota of 10,000 applicants per year. By as early as April 23, 2020, over 78,000 foreign investors had applied for US green cards under the EB5 program. While it enjoys ongoing popularity around the world, the lion’s share – 80% – of all applicants have hailed from China, Taiwan, South Korea and the United Kingdom.

The program also receives large volumes of applicants from India, Brazil, Vietnam, Mexico, and, more recently, Nigeria.

On March 15, 2022, President Biden signed the EB5 Reform and Integrity Act (RIA). The act is part of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2022 (Public Law 117-103), which established the new requirements for the EB5 Immigrant Visa category as well as the Regional Center Program. EB5 Investor Visas are authorized under the Regional Center Program through September 30, 2027.

Learn more about the program’s investment requirements, our preferred Regional Center partners’ projects, and the application process below…

Can I still get an EB5 Green Card By Investment for $500,000 in 2024?2023-11-07T12:16:14+00:00

Sadly not. If you didn’t apply for a $500,000 EB5 Green Card before the pricing increases that took effect on March 15, 2022, you’re out of luck.

To apply for an EB5 in 2024, you’ll need to invest either $800,000, or $1,050,000, as per the below table:

Petition Filing Date Direct EB5 Investment Targeted Employment Area (TEA)* Investment High-Employment Area Investment Amount
Before March 15, 2022 $1,000,000 $500,000 $1,000,000
On or After March 15, 2022 $1,050,000 $800,000 (includes infrastructure projects) N/A

*Meaning either rural or high unemployment areas

There are, however, some real estate projects in Targeted Employment Areas offering EB5 investor financing options in 2024.

These financed EB5 programs allow EB5 applicants to invest as little as $500,000 of their own capital, whilst obtaining a loan for the remaining $300,000. Please note that these tend to be limited-availability options.

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Advantages of the US EB5 Visa Program

Fast, Predictable Application Process

Launched in 1990, The EB5 Visa program boasts a streamlined application process that offers predictable immigration outcomes.

Build the career of your dreams in in America

Many EB5 applicants choose the program to open up world-class employment opportunities for them and their children – especially in technology.

Settle Anywhere
Within The USA

Unlike with Canada and Australia’s Investor Visa Programs, you can settle anywhere within the United States via the EB5 Program.

Your Capital Sum
May Be Gifted

Unlike as with many other Golden Visa programs, once your permanent US Green Card is issued, no further renewals are required.

Once Permanent,
It’s Permanent  

Unlike as with the majority of Golden Visa programs, once your permanent Green Card is issued, no further renewals are required.

Access A Trillion
Dollar Economy

The US is the world’s biggest economy by nominal GDP ($26.8 trillion+). And with a population of 334 million, it is the place to build a business empire.

Straightforward Program Requirements  

Apart from the investment, there are no language, educational, age related or points-based requirements for the EB5 Visa.

Children Up To 21 Eligible To Apply  

Unlike with most other Golden Visa programs, dependent children can be included up until the age of 21 years under the EB5 Program.

Dual Citizenship
Status Allowed

EB5 Green Card holders who obtain US citizenship are not required to give up their original citizenship(s) or passport(s).

How can we help you relocate to the USA faster via the EB5 Visa Program?

Move to the USA within 3 months with your family in 2023 by means of the following fast-tracking process…

Taking this approach, the US authorities will allow you to A) move to the USA faster, and B), work there, if required.
(And your children can then already go to school or study there, even before you relocate to the USA.)

PLEASE NOTE: Under the standard EB5 application procedure, it takes 18-24 months before your initial green card is issued. And it takes 21-24 months from the submission of Form I526 to reach the Form I829 submission step for permanent residency.

Utilizing this Adjustment of Status approach, you can receive your initial green card after approximately 3 months (upon I526 submission), and you can received your work permit visa (EAD) within 6 weeks, for a total of 4.5 months. Please note, however, that working in the USA is NOT mandatory.

IMPORTANT: Being able to take this route will be subject to you already having lodged and EB5 green card application, AND having a valid entry visa for the USA – both for you and any dependents. Also, if you opt for this fast-tracked relocation route, you will need factor in staying in the USA for 6-9 months until your travel visa is issued.
Once it’s issued, you can legally stay and work in the USA, AND travel out for business and leisure.

Key Program Requirements (2023/2024)

Minimum EB5 Investment Amounts (2024)

A key change in requirements enacted by the Reform and Integrity Act relates to the program’s minimum investment amounts:

Petition Filing Date Direct EB5 Investment Targeted Employment Area (TEA)* Investment High-Employment Area Investment Amount
Before March 15, 2022 $1,000,000 $500,000 $1,000,000
On or After March 15, 2022 $1,050,000 $800,000 (includes infrastructure projects) N/A

*Meaning either rural or high unemployment areas

EB5 Job Creation Requirements (2024)

Direct EB5 Jobs (Direct EB5 Investments) Indirect EB5 Jobs (Regional Center / Indirect EB5 Investments)
10 Full-time positions for 2 years+ 10 Full-time positions for 2 years+
These are jobs created directly as a result of the EB5 Investment, i.e. your EB5 business/operation employs them directly, and full-time. Consultants do NOT count towards job creation requirements under either Direct or Indirect (Passive) TEA based EB5 applications. Regional Center Projects can also include indirect job creation formulas, including qualifying jobs created by the project’s suppliers and vendors. E.g.: Construction jobs may count, but only if they’re full-time.

About our preferred partners and their US EB5 Projects

EB5 Regional Centers

Founded in the Nineties, our preferred Regional Center partners are both EB5 market pioneers and leaders with an impeccable track record.

EB5 Project Funding 100% Secured Up-Front

All our preferred EB5 partner projects are fully funded from day one – regardless of whether any EB5 funding is raised or not.

900+ Clients. 100%
Success Rate

Over the past decade, more than 900 foreign families have successfully obtained their green cards via our preferred EB5 partners.

 EB5 Investors
Have To Be Repaid First

EB5 applicants must be repaid before our organization can access any of its equity or profit. This creates a mutual alignment of interests and offers unrivalled peace of mind.

Supply Chain

At Fast EB5, we only work with the finest suppliers in the business. Our preferred US EB5 lawyers, developers and tax advisors are all seasoned industry experts with sterling reputations.

End-To-End EB5 Visa
Service Offering

Our full-service approach covers every aspect of the application journey, from selecting the right Regional Center and Project, to engaging with expert US tax and legal advisors.

Clearly Defined
Exit Strategy

The primary repayment strategy is backed by four different government sponsored entities via a program called Section 232 Financing.

Once one of our EB5 project sites reach 80% occupancy – the average occupancy rate in the state of North Carolina, where the project is located, is 92% – it automatically qualifies for refinancing through any one of these four entities.

 Proven Track Record of
Returned EB5 Capital

EB5 investments must be maintained for 5-7 years before capital is returned. So if a Regional Center has been operating for less than 5-7 years, it is unlikely they would have any track record of returning EB5 applicants’ capital.

In contrast, our Regional Center partners have been designated for 10 years, and returned hundreds of EB5 investors’ capital to date.

Regional Center
Designated for 10 Years

Our Regional Center partners’ designation spans a full decade, adding extensive depth to their program and development expertise.

The vast majority of competing Regional Centers, and especially the ones promoted in the Middle East, have only been in existence for a couple years at most. They therefore do not have a track record of successfully returning investors’ funds.

What Does Effective Capital Protection Look Like?

Our preferred Regional Center partners offer a robust capital protection approach featuring multiple layers of risk reduction, with redundancy built in…

4-Tier EB5 Capital Protection

The proven approach that’s currently protecting over $400 million in capital for 500+ of our clients.

Development Project Focus

Our preferred Regional Center development partners only develop projects that are in high-demand – no flashy vanity projects, ever.

Their portfolio of completed projects include several dozen targeted commercial properties, retirement villages, as well as low cost housing and social-impact oriented developments in areas where the need – and hence rental demand – is the greatest.

All Projects Fully Funded

100% of all EB5 projects’ funding is secured from Day 1, regardless of whether any EB5 funding is raised or not.

This means that no matter how many EB5 investors join one of our preferred partners’ development projects, it will still be constructed, developed and launched. They are not reliant on even a single EB5 investor in order to construct a facility. This is one of the key factors differentiating these projects in the industry.

Multi-Source Guaranteed Refinancing

The primary repayment strategy is backed by four different government sponsored entities via a program called Section 232 financing.

Once an eligible EB5 project site reaches 80% occupancy (the average occupancy rate in North Carolina, where these projects are located, is 92%), the project automatically qualifies for refinancing through any one of the four different government sponsored entities.

According to the rules of the program, they are statutorily required to refinance this value as an incentive reward for building projects in areas experiencing extreme social need.

Max EB5 Capital Stake Per Deal: 50%

The MAXIMUM amount of project equity replaced with EB5 capital is 50% (and frequently far less).

Moreover, ALL EB5 investors must be repaid before our preferred Regional Center partners can access ANY of their invested equity or profit from the deal.

This creates a mutual alignment of interests and highly incentivizes the company to repay and remove any EB5 investors from the project as soon as possible.

This is not the case for many other EB5 projects.

The Typical EB5 Visa Application Process At A Glance

Why choose to work with us?

The Fast
EB5 Visa Experts

Our Senior EB5 Advisory Partner, Sandra Woest, and her team are internationally renowned thought leaders on the EB5 Visa Program.

Representation On Three Continents

With representatives based in Europe, Africa and the USA, Fast EB5 serves a truly global audience of immigrant investors.

100% Client Success Rate Since Inception

Since 2013, we have not had a single rejection for pre-vetted clients, thanks to our rigorous client assessment and case file compilation approach.

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